Riza-Ribe® Needle


Product Name: Riza-Ribe Needle
Ordering Number: 10035
Packaged: 10 Riza-Ribe Needles per box.
Product Information Datasheet: Riza-Ribe Needle PID pdficon_large

The Riza-Ribe is a 16 gauge needle with a grasping loop designed for:

  • Transferring a ligature during laparoscopic procedures.
  • In pre-peritoneal approach for Female Urinary Stress Incontinence surgeries for suture retrieval.
  • For Closure of Trocar Induced Fascial Defects to prevent Richters’ hernia.
  • Securing abdominal wall bleeders due to trocar trauma.

See the Riza-Ribe Needle in action:

Riza-Ribe Needle videos including procedure videos for securing abdominal wall bleeders, incontinence surgery, and hernia repairs.