R2C2: Riza Removable Cord Clamp


The R2C2 is the Riza Removable Cord Clamp. With the R2C2, you do not need disposable cutters, nor do you need to send a reusable cutting instrument for sterilization and packaging after it has been used. With the R2C2, the cord clamp is easily removed with a key, either a pink key or blue key, as shown above.

How the R2C2 Works

Applying The R2C2 Cord Clamp:

  1. Place the R2C2’s clamp at a distance of not less than 4 cm from the infant’s belly.
  2. Insert the umbilical cord deep into the “V-point” of the clamp.
  3. Squeeze both ends of the clamp to engage the locking mechanism. The cord will be clamped.
  4. The other end of the umbilical cord (towards the placenta) should be clamped with an existing metal re-usable OB clamp.
  5. Cutting in between the cord clamp and the metal clamp separates the baby from the placental attachment.

Removing The R2C2 Cord Clamp:

  1. The drive head of the R2C2 key is inserted and engaged into the drive socket of the clamp.
  2. Rotate the key counter-clockwise. This disengages the catch of the lock from the latch.
  3. The cord clamp opens and disengages from the cord stump.
  4. Dispose the cord clamp.
  5. Give the key to parents as memoir.




The mother may keep the R2C2 as a keepsake.

R2C2 Ordering Information

Order #10410 R2C2 System Contains:

  • 100 per box of R2C2 Clamps, #10406
  • 50 per box of R2C2 Blue Key, #10407
  • 50 per box of R2C2 Pink Key, #10408