GraNee® Needle

R-Med's GraNee Needle

Product Name: GraNee Needle
Ordering Number: 10165
Packaged: 10 GraNee Needles per box.
Product Information Datasheet: GraNee Needle PID pdficon_large

R-Med’s GraNee Needle is as a Grasper and a Needle used during Laparoscopy, Mini-Laparoscopy and Operative Laparoscopy for:

  • Securing Trocar Induced Fascial Defects for hernia prevention:
  • Securing trocar defects,
  • For mesh fixation during Laparoscopic Total Extra-Peritoneal (T.E.P.) Hernia Repair: 3-Point Fixation Technique.
  • For The Repair Of Incisional Hernias: Securing The Mesh.
  • For Closure of Trocar Induced Fascial Defects and Prevention of Hernias.
  • Securing Inferior and Superior Epigastric vessel bleeders due to trocar trauma.
  • As a Grasper in Laparoscopic Appendectomies and LAVH.

See the GraNee Needle in action:

GraNee Needle videos including procedure videos for hernia preventions, hernia repairs, laparoscopic T.E.P. hernia repair, and laparoscopic appendectomy.